Your Deposit Is Secure And Your Transactions Will Not Be Interrupted – Kuda Bank Assures Customers

The Micro-finance Bank Kuda has assured its customers that their money is still secured with them, following the recent pause imposed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

There’s been news circulating for about two days now, that the Central Bank of Nigeria has banned the likes of Kuda, Opey, and other fintech Banks from taking on new customers, this news has caused a scare in customers who bank at these banks, as some customers are contemplating closing their accounts since this might be a sign that these banks are about to be put out of business.

Addressing this issue, Kuda Bank has shared a notice with its users, confirming the recent policy of the CBN that stops them from taking on new customers “temporarily” – According to them, this does not affect existing customers and customers’ money is still in safe hands with them. The policy is only affecting new customers signing up.

See the notice to customers below;

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