American Influencer Apologizes for Leaked Video of Davido as She Receives Death Threats Everyday

In a recent video, American Influencer, Gorgeous Doll addressed the controversy surrounding a leaked video featuring Nigerian superstar Davido and his wife, Chioma Rowland. The video, which originally surfaced earlier this year, has recently gained renewed attention online.

Gorgeous Doll states that the video leak originated from someone in her “camp” and that she never intended to disrespect Davido’s wife. I have reached out to Davido’s wife and apologized to her. She has also spoken out about the death threats she has been receiving in the wake of the video’s resurfacing.

“Nigeria, I love how hard you go for this person,” Gorgeous Doll said in the video, you know, he’s a great artist, but death threats are over the top.”

The leaked video reportedly shows Davido begging Gorgeous Doll. The exact nature of their relationship and the reason behind Davido’s actions remain unclear.

Watch Video Below:

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