Why I won’t pay Mohbad my last respects. – Bella Shmurda

Abiola Ahmed Akinbiyi, also known as Bella Shmurda, a Nigerian artist, has explained why he won’t say goodbye to his buddy and coworker Mohbad, who recently passed away.

Before the singer’s untimely death on Tuesday, September 12, Bella, who was close to him, frequently used social media to lament his passing and demand retribution.

On Monday, September 18, the 27-year-old musician announced through Twitter that he would postpone paying his respects to Mohbad until justice had been done.

Before paying his final respects to his best friend, he continued, those who tormented, attacked, and attacked him must be brought to justice.

Due to his friend’s untimely passing, Bella just postponed his tour of Canada, tweeting,

Badman will never rest King of south nd the west… I won’t pay any last respect because you still live 4L. Until those who oppress him face justice nd sentenced nothing like last respect Igboro be aware”.

Any Godfatherism should stop from now henceforth especially in the entertainment industry nd streets Any egbon adugbo u go collect like this This one no be joke You task me I slap u Ajeh!! I swear on my fathers grave try it just try it !! O ma riran wo!!”

See his tweet below

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