I choose to go by my mother’s name as my stage name for this reason -Asake

Ahmed Ololade, best known by his stage name Asake, is a well-known Nigerian singer who has explained why he chose to use his mother’s name.

The “Joha” singer claimed that he chose “Omo Asake” as his stage name after noticing that members of the cultural group he belonged to frequently used it.

In the Autumn 2023 issue of Pause Magazine, Asake revealed this, saying he found it delightful and had made the decision to totally accept it.

The YBNL star went on to explain that he would keep using it because it has contributed to his personal success.

My stage name is actually my mother’s. While I was in the cultural group, people used to call me ‘omo Asake,’ which means child of Asake in Yoruba. And after a while, it just stuck.

People stopped adding the ‘omo’ and left ‘Asake.’ I thought it was cool and decided to go by it. It is very important to me, and I am not going to lose it. It is what has brought me this far, and I continue to keep it that way

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