Tiwasavage gives update to fans on an health related issues, she has been battling with in recent weeks

Tiwa Savage recently shared some sad news with her loyal fans. She has to take a break from performing because she caught a virus. This means she has to rest her voice for a few months. Tiwa Savage wrote a heartfelt letter to her fans, who she calls the “Savage Soldiers,” expressing her disappointment about not being able to perform. It was a tough decision for her because performing is not just her job, but also something she loves. However, she knows that taking this break is necessary for her to fully recover and keep her voice in great shape for future projects.

The singer posted

“To my dear Savage Soldiers, I’ve been fig@ting off a virus for the past few weeks and was today firmly instructed to be on strict vocal rest for the next rew months.

I will unfortunately have to postpone all performances including my first ever headline arena show in London.

I’m heartbroken and devastated but I have to do this to save what’s left of my voice. I’m so sorry. I love you all and promise to be back performing once I’m fully healed”

These trying times follow a series of incidents that have placed Tiwa Savage in the spotlight for reasons other than her music.*

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