Cubana Chiefpriest spends over N47.1m on sneakers, shirts & 2 wristwatches

Cubana Chiefpriest, a famous socialite,in a recent interview shared online that he spent over N47.1 million on his outfits. During a conversation with content creator Egungun, he revealed that he was wearing N1.3m footwear, a N1.1m shirt, and two expensive wristwatches. Chiefpriest also talked about his background and how he worked hard to supplement his inherited fortune. He made most of his money in the liquor business and emphasized its importance in his life. Additionally, he mentioned owning several expensive cars, including a Rolls Royce Cullinan worth N700 million, a G63 G-Wagon, a Range Rover G6, a Land Cruiser, and Mikano SUVs.

Watch video below

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