Ruth Kadiri speaks out as she gets defrauded by an Instagran Vendor

Ruth Kadiri, a renowned Nollywood actress and filmmaker, has recently voiced her apprehension after being deceived in a N230k scam. She fervently appealed to the company to either provide her with the promised goods or refund her money, taking into account the current state of the economy. Ruth expressed her dismay over the difficulty of gaining trust in today’s world and disclosed that her attempts to communicate with the company had gone unanswered. In support of her claim, Ruth shared the receipts of their transaction.

Pls help me beg them to deliver my product or refund me o! Economy is hard o! Jesu!

“No responding to my messages anymore!!!! Trust is hard these days o”.

After experiencing a similar issue, Uche Elendu, her colleague, bemoaned in the comment section that she had to drag them before getting reimbursed.

Uche Elendu said: “This people’s scam is on another level. That’s how I dragged them until they refunded my client’s money. Get your money first babe.”

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