Mayorkun criticizes Nigerian senators for prioritizing the purchase of new SUVs over repairing the roads.

Mayorkun, a popular Nigerian musician, recently expressed his frustration on social media regarding the poor condition of Nigerian roads. He specifically called out Nigerian senators for prioritizing the purchase of new SUVs instead of addressing the urgent need to fix the roads.

In his passionate post, Mayorkun directly addressed the senators, urging them to prioritize the repair of the roads rather than indulging in luxury vehicle purchases.

He specifically highlighted the terrible state of the Lekki-Epe expressway, considering it completely unacceptable. Mayorkun criticized the senators for prioritizing SUV purchases while neglecting the essential road infrastructure. He expressed his frustration, emphasizing the lack of quality roads in Nigeria and highlighting how even skilled drivers can be humbled by the sorry state of the road networks.

In response to the criticism, Nigerian senators defended their recent SUV purchases. They argued that these acquisitions were necessary because most ministers already own multiple SUVs, and the challenging road conditions across the country require the use of such vehicles for navigation.

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