Nollywood star Shan George expresses distress as she reveals being swindled of her entire life savings, pleading for assistance.

Beloved Nollywood actress Shan George has fallen victim to a scam, losing her life savings totaling N3.6 million from her Zenith Bank account. Shan George raised the alarm on May 3, revealing that the funds were siphoned by someone named Cecilia Chisgoziem Okoro into an Opay account.

Expressing her distress, the actress appealed for help from her followers and prominent media figures, providing screenshots on her Instagram page to substantiate the fraudulent transaction.

In her initial message, Shan George conveyed her distress, expressing urgency and desperation, saying, “I need help cos I’m dy!ng. This person has just cleared my account. Pls my pple, everyone pls help. Pls Zenith Bank, reverse it. I can’t access my app. I’m De@D Oga Jim Ovia.”

In a subsequent video, Shan George provided further context, revealing her current financial struggle and voicing concerns for her children’s welfare. She pleaded for assistance from Zenith Bank and Opay, stating, “I’m left koboless right now, wetin I go eat with my children. @zenithbankplc, please help me. My account at Zenith has been wiped clean just now and paid into Opay. Please help me reverse it. The Opay customer’s name is Cecilia Chisgoziem Okoro. “Please refund my money.”

Watch the video below:

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