Nigerians strongly criticize singer Teni for allegedly disrespecting former President Buhari, but prostrate for socialite IBD Dende.

Nigerian singer Teniola Akpata, commonly known as Teni, faced criticism for her actions towards billionaire socialite Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun, also known as IBD Dende, aboard a plane.

Teni posted a video on X (formerly Twitter) where she met with IBD Dende, mentioning that “he has dropped.” She also indicated she would provide an update upon her departure from the flight.

In the video, Teni, recognized for her lively personality, was observed prostrating before Dende, deviating from the customary greetings extended to elders.

IBD Dende attempted to prevent Teni from prostrating as he rose to embrace the excited singer.

This action sparked outrage online, with some Nigerians recalling a previous incident where Teni allegedly showed disrespect towards former President Muhammadu Buhari during the National Merit Award ceremony in 2022.

At the ceremony on October 13, 2022, Teni was honored with the Member of the Order of the Niger (MON) award by ex-President Buhari. However, she reportedly walked casually towards the President and away from him after receiving her award, without performing the customary gestures of respect such as obeisance, genuflection, or handshake.

This behavior stirred controversy, with many interpreting it as a subtle form of protest, suggesting that she was expressing dissatisfaction with the president and his government. On the other hand, many criticized her actions, stating that regardless of the circumstances, the president did not deserve such disrespect from someone of her stature.

Watch the video below:

Some Nigerians responded to the new video showing Teni prostrating for IBD Dende with various reactions. Some questioned what offense Buhari had committed, while others expressed disappointment, feeling that Teni had never truly stood with the people.

@ukocarter tweeted: “Teni disrespected a sitting President only to worship IBD Dende, a criminal smuggler. What was Buhari’s offense?”

@lollypeezle remarked: “When Teni snubbed Buhari during her award presentation, the country celebrated, thinking she was protesting against the hardships in the country. ‘She’s on the side of the people.’ 😂 Isn’t this IBD Dende with serious allegations at the border?”

@novieverest commented: “Just wait until IBD Dende runs for governor. You will see—Forget what Fisayo Soyombo exposed, he is a generous man.”

@Sports_Doctor2 pointed out: “Nigeria is a joke. Is this the same IBD Dende that Fisayo risked his life to expose as a smuggler with video evidence, and now Teni is lying on the floor to greet because Baba ‘dropped’ something?”

@IPrinceSaviour tweeted: “Nigeria doesn’t celebrate their best ones. This same IBD Dende that Fisayo @fisayosoyombo risked his life to expose as a smuggler with video evidence, and now Teni is lying on the floor to greet because Baba ‘dropped’ something. I wept for our generation.”

@GodwinDenzel expressed: “She disrespected Buhari in public only to grovel on the floor for IBD Dende! HYPOCRITE.”

@IkukuomaC criticized: “People like you are a bad example to society… you can’t say you didn’t see Fisayo’s investigative journalism on IBD Dende’s smuggling activities in the Southwest. A shame.”

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