Jesus changed my life and he can change yours too – Tems

The Nigerian music sensation Tems found herself embroiled in a captivating online discourse subsequent to the sharing of a remarkable photo shoot that alluded to the release of a new album. The controversy ensued when an ardent admirer drew a parallel between her and the mythical deity of the Yoruba culture, Yemoja or Yemeya. However, Tems responded with a statement that not only conveyed her profound faith but also shed light on her personal transformation.

Tems has consistently been recognized for her enthralling musical prowess and distinctive style. Consequently, when she unveiled a photograph from a captivating photo shoot, hinting at the release of a song or her highly anticipated album, it did not take long for the internet to ignite with fervor.

One particular image from the photo shoot captured the attention of fans who discerned a resemblance between Tems and the revered Osun goddess, Yemoja or Yemeya. In Yoruba culture, Osun is venerated as a deity associated with water, fertility, and motherhood. Her depiction often portrays her adorned in flowing blue and white garments, which the fan believed Tems was emulating in the photo shoot.

Tems’ response to the fan’s comparison was both graceful and impactful. She took to social media to clarify any misconceptions, unequivocally expressing her unwavering faith in God and Jesus Christ as the sole entities she believes in.

“Actually it’s about Jesus Christ teaching me how to walk on water, to trust Him and not in human understanding.

He changed my life. And if you seek Him He will fill you up too.

He is the Lord of Lords.

The word of God, made flesh 1 am His sheep. He is my Shepherd.

And I have been forever transformed.

I am His forever. THATS JUST ME DOE”

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