Ex BBnaija star Laycon addresses the issue of “Bullying” within the entertainment industry

Olamilekan Massaoud Al-Khalifah, more commonly known as Laycon, recently addressed the issue of bullying within the entertainment industry. During an interview with Punch Newspaper, the rapper and singer expressed that he does not consider himself someone who can be spoken to disrespectfully, as he conducts himself with dignity.

Laycon emphasized the presence of a supportive network of individuals who love and care for him, contributing to a positive atmosphere. He explained that he actively avoids negative environments and removes himself from situations or conversations that may lead to such negativity.

While Laycon personally has not encountered bullying from his colleagues in the industry, he acknowledged that it does exist. However, he did disclose that he has experienced bullying from online trolls, rather than physical bullying.

In summary, Laycon maintains a strong stance against disrespectful treatment, prioritizes positive energy, and acknowledges the prevalence of online bullying within the entertainment industry.

Watch the interview below

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