Why I grew up believing that my Sister Niniola was envious of me

Teniola Apata, better known by her stage name Teni, has admitted that she once thought her sister Niniola was envious of her skills.

In a recent episode of the Tea With Tay podcast, she talked about her relationship with her renowned singer sister and disclosed this.
Teni remembered how she and her sisters used to practice together while she was growing up. She recalled how Niniola would frequently contest Doyin’s assertions that her voice was “sweet,” even though Doyin, her older sister, would frequently appreciate it.

Teni said that she had thought Nini was envious of her singing ability because of this continual criticism.

According to her;

Doyin, my older sister who is older than Nini [Niniola], once complimented me on having a lovely voice whenever I sing when I was younger. However, she may have been lying because she didn’t want to harm me. Nini, on the other hand, would criticize my voice as being unappealing. So, I assumed that she was envious of me.

“Niniola pulled me aside and warned me not to fall for Doyin’s deception. You sing from your stomach, she said at this point. I would therefore listen to Nini sing every time. Hello, I also began singing out of my tummy.

When my school hosted an event, I sang, and everyone in the building stood and applauded. I announced, “I’ve arrived.” When I returned home to inform Nini that everyone had applauded my singing in class, she suggested that I continue singing the song. Nini also applauded me when I sang it. We are up to something.

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