We’re not doing so well right now- Happie Boys

It caught the whole world by surprise as the renowed happie boys as popularly called apologized to the priest and all Nigerians today via social media.

Happie Boys, a group of ex-security guards who are now content makers, have moved to social media to ask OPM founder Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere for forgiveness.

They pleaded with the cleric to have pity on them because things are not going well for them in Cyprus in a video that was posted online by the young guys who became well-known after losing their jobs for dancing while on the job.

This comes after they called him out for ending their scholarship at a Cyprus institution and rejected his offer to pay for their return flight to Nigeria so they may continue their education at any university of their choice there or in the Benin Republic.

They were unwavering in their resolve to stay in Cyprus and figure out how to support themselves. They also accepted payment for dancing jobs in nightclubs.

Watch video below

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