Toke Makinwa counts her blessings as she turns 39

Toke Makinwa, a well-known Nigerian media personality, recently celebrated her 39th birthday in a grand manner. The popular host of ‘Toke Moments’ was surrounded by love and support from her loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

As she reached this milestone age, Toke Makinwa took a moment to look back on her journey. She fondly remembered the past three years as a period of growth and transformation in her life.

Toke Makinwa, the charming host of ‘Toke Moments’, joyfully celebrated her birthday surrounded by love and support from her loved ones and colleagues.

As she turned 39, Toke took a moment to reflect on her journey. She looked back on the past three years, which she described as a period of growth and transformation in her life.

Toke Makinwa shared a heartwarming video of a phone call with her mother, who showered her with heartfelt prayers. Her mother prayed for an abundance of the Holy Spirit’s blessings in her daughter’s life.

Grateful for the kind words and tributes she received on social media, Toke Makinwa expressed her appreciation to everyone who celebrated her birthday. She emphasized that she celebrated the occasion exactly the way she wanted.

In addition, Toke mentioned that she spent her birthday surrounded by her family and a select group of close friends. She expressed that she is currently in a happy phase of her life.

Toke Makinwa also revealed that she is currently pursuing her passion, experiencing miracles, and continuously discovering more about herself.

My birthday this year was spent just how I wanted it. Family and a few good men. I am in my happy era and I’m truly blessed and grateful to be here, doing what I love, living, believing, experiencing miracles and just discovering more.I am over joyed and thankful to you all for celebrating me. Lagos people we shall turn up when I get back.Full birthday content loading”

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