The song “Soweto” was one of my first trials as a Musician – Victony

Victony, a rising Afro beat star, shared his personal journey of his artistic growth and transformation. He acknowledged his vocal ability but explained why he initially chose rapping as his dream job, believing that singing was only for “weak people.” However, in 2020, Victony made the switch from rapping to singing and started exploring Afrobeats. One of his first attempts at Afrobeats was the song ‘Soweto.’

“2020 was when I started doing Afrobeats. In fact, ‘Soweto’ was one of my first trials at Afrobeats.“Honestly, I used to know I could sing but I just refused to. Because I just felt like it was for weak people. I felt like it was an escape for weak people.“I always loved that rapper energy and I wanted to be a rapper. But when I started singing, I realised that it is just as technical as rapping.”

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