The sexiest ladies in the world are not found in Nigeria – Ruger

During a recent interview with Beat FM, the singer of the popular hit track “Bounce” gave a remark saying, “Girls in Nigeria are decent girls, but they’re not the greatest, he claims.”

He refused to answer when asked about the country with the best women, ostensibly to avoid possible backlash from Nigerians.
He added that any man who has visited countries other than Nigeria would concur with him in saying that Nigerian ladies are not the prettiest.

100% of the best ladies in the world are not found here,It’s simple to understand. No individual who has lived a long time will simply state that, the best ladies are not among us. We have decent women, but not the greatest,” he claimed.

Ruger continued by saying that, unlike in other nations, he would never perform with a girl on stage in Nigeria.

He clarified that the main reason for this choice is that Nigerians were quick to condemn him for putting women on stage in other nations.

Additionally, the 24-year-old singer

My people are poisonous. They are people I know. Additionally, the majority of women in Nigeria are coupled up. Nobody should come get me, please. Girls from Nigeria are liars. They will be lying and in a relationship.

Watch video of the interview below

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