The recent HIV test taken by Verydarkman at an healthcare center has caused a stir of reactions with fans online

During the doctor’s examination, Verydarkman entertained his Instagram followers with humor while waiting for the results of his HIV test. He playfully suggested that if the test came back positive, it might dampen his usual contentiousness on social media.

After the examination, Verydarkman gained insights into the realities of living with HIV and AIDS. He discovered that individuals with HIV can have relationships and start families without transmitting the virus to their children.

As a parting gift, he received a supply of condoms, which he hesitantly accepted, expressing his reservations about using them during sexual encounters. Verydarkman also took the opportunity to snap photos with healthcare personnel who were fans of his.

Captioning the clip, he wrote;

“The kind of joy when some people go feel if to say I catch ehn,them go throw party anyways l’m not a fan of condom na so I go dey test always”

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