Spyro gifts mother brand new car

Spyro, the emerging music sensation renowned for his chart-topping hit “Who is Your Guy,” has once again captured the attention of the media, this time through a remarkable act. He pleasantly surprised his mother with a brand-new, gleaming automobile.

Not long ago, Spyro made headlines for acquiring a lavish mansion worth millions of dollars. Through this grand gesture, he is now demonstrating his profound love and utmost respect for his mother.

Having invited his mother over under the pretense of seeking her assistance for his upcoming album, she was completely taken in shock upon arriving at his residence, where she was greeted by the sight of a new car. Spyro had made a childhood promise to himself that he would one day purchase such a vehicle for his mother, and he faithfully fulfilled that pledge.

Overwhelmed with gratitude and affection, his mother immediately began offering prayers for her son, anointing him with oil as an expression of her love and appreciation.

Spyro shared this heartwarming moment on Instagram, captioning it with the words, “Congrats, mama.” This gesture undoubtedly held immense significance for both Spyro and his mother, underscoring the deep bond they share.

In a recent revelation, Spyro candidly discussed his financial journey, disclosing that he began the year with a meager sum of money in his bank account, less than 10,000 Naira.

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