Since I left Marlians Music I’ve been looking nice and tidy- Lil smart

Former Marlians Record signee Lil Smart recently made a forceful proclamation in a live broadcast. He asserted that since leaving the Marlians record company, he now appears young and healthy, in contrast to his labelmate Zinolesky. This remark has sparked a fresh round of debate among music industry insiders and fans.
Following the untimely death of Mohbad, one of their former performers. Naira Marley’s Marlian Records has become the subject of debates and rumors. Former musicians like AJ and Lil Smart have expressed their worries and reservations regarding their time spent working with the company in response to these rumors.

Lil Smart recently made a statement that seems to be in response to a viral video that also featured Zinolesky, another performer under the Marlian Records label. Zinolesky displayed behavior and a haggard appearance in the video, raising questions about his wellbeing. In fact, several viewers even suggested that he might be drugged up.

Lil Smart used social media to make a powerful statement in response to Zinolesky’s popular video. He bragged that he now appeared more youthful and vigorous than Zinolesky.

Also keep in mind that Lil Smart spoke out after Mohbad’s death to express his viewpoint. Lil Smart alluded at more dark circumstances surrounding the unfortunate event, debunking allegations that Mohbad died of an ear infection.

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