Portable Laments As Signee Yung Duu Charges N70K For Show (Video)

In a video that quickly gained popularity on social media, Portable publicly called out Yung Duu, expressing his frustration with the young artist’s recent behavior. But what really caught everyone’s attention was Portable’s incredulous question: why would Yung Duu agree to perform at a show for a mere 70,000 naira?

Now, before you think this is just another case of a demanding artist throwing a tantrum, let me tell you that Portable claims to have recently splurged on a lavish 3 million naira car for Yung Duu. Yes, you heard that right! Portable believes that this extravagant gift is a fair reflection of Yung Duu’s true worth..

In a statement that has left everyone scratching their heads, Portable exclaimed, “I bought you a 3 million naira car, and you’re booking a show for 70,000 naira!” The audacity of it all!

Watch video below

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