“Pay me my money”, a tattoo artist in Lagos calls out Blessing CEO over unpaid fee

A tattoo artist in Lagos has lodged an accusation against the controversial relationship adviser, Blessing CEO, alleging that she has failed to fulfill her financial obligation for the surgical scars resulting from a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure, which were subsequently concealed with ink. The artist claims that Blessing CEO abruptly declined to compensate for the services rendered, while also requesting the utilization of supernatural powers (juju) by the craftsmen.

This is BLESSING CEO BACK BEFORE AND AFTER THE TATTOO COVER UP THATS SHE REFUSE TO PAY ME MY MONEY AND SHE EVEN SAID IF I LIKE MAKE I GO JUJU SAY SHE NO GO PAY you can imagine. AND BLOCKED ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA BECAUSE I WAS DEMANDING FOR MY MONEY ,she wicked and heartless because i flew from lagos to enugu just to coverup the scars that she said she did lipo for 5M BIG LIES AND CANT PAY TATTOO ARTIST.pls repost she shouldn’t go free because its wrong,” the artist wrote.

See Blessing CEO before and after the Tatoo

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