Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna recently delivered a bombshell in an interview with Petite Talk Show, which as caught many Netizens off guard.

The actor, who is well recognized for his attractive appearance and captivating demeanor, admitted that he had never “toasted” a woman in a formal manner before. Many people were shocked by this discovery.

IK Ogbonna disclosed during the interview that he has always been surrounded by female pals. Without the necessity for conventional wooing, these intimate friendships with women frequently turned into romantic partnerships on their own. He predicted that these relationships would progress to the point where shared emotions would surface and result in a love attachment.

However, IK Ogbonna acknowledged that he did formally ask his ex-wife out since he thought of her as his future wife.

Remember that there were reports few weeks ago that his ex-wife, Sonia Morales, had made top news for her new beau? The attractive Colombian beauty was shown entering a gorgeously adorned apartment with the words “Marry Me” plainly written on the wall in a viral video clip. She gladly accepted the proposal from her new partner.

Watch video of the Interview

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