Nigerians almost ruined my career – Seun kuti

During a recent disclosure, Seun Kuti divulged about a period in his life when his career was nearly ruined following his viral altercation with the Nigerian police. The incident not only posed a threat to his career but also resulted in his arrest.

In a recent interview, Seun Kuti recounted an unfortunate encounter with the Nigerian police that led to a heated argument, ultimately resulting in him slapping a police officer in an attempt to defend himself and his family. However, this act of self-defense had unforeseen consequences.

Contrary to his expectations, the public, including Netizens and Nigerians, surprisingly defended the actions of the police officers involved in the altercation, leaving Seun Kuti to face the consequences alone. He was arrested in his own home and struggled for days and weeks to extricate himself from the situation.

During a live video, Seun Kuti revealed the extent of the crisis he faced during this period, sharing that he had come perilously close to losing his career over the incident.

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