My singlet got to national TV before you”- Very dark Man to Yemolee

VeryDarkMan, is a well-known content creator, who has used the national news to criticize well-known Lagos socialite Yhemolee in their continuing spat.

Yhemolee had insulted VeryDarkman in a comment section of his page of, after the other party in person of Very dark Man asked that a DNA test be done on Mohbad’s son.Very dark Man gave reasons for this assertion and this is to confirm, if the deceased wife hadn’t engaged in paternity fraud because, in his opinion, the child does not resemble the singer.

In light of the fact that Mohbad had never asked for a paternity test while he was still living, Yhemolee chastised him for insisting on it.

In a recent update, the social media commenter who accepted a request to make an appearance on Channels TV took a time to flash his recognizable black singlet in front of the camera before answering questions.

He did this in order to make the point that his black singlet had previously been seen on national television before his detractors in general and Yhemolee in particular.

Check out the video below.

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