My father disowned me during my University days – Hildabaci

Hilda Baci, a top renowned chef in Nigeria, recently shared her experience on Taymesan Emmanuel’s ‘Tea with Tay’ program. She revealed that her father’s sudden departure had a profound impact on her, especially since she and her older brother, Gabriel, were about to finish their undergraduate studies.

According to Hilda, her father had always been involved in their lives since they were children. However, things changed when a heated argument between him and her mother affected the children.

Hilda expressed her confusion over her father’s decision to stop supporting their education, especially after he had funded their academic journey from nursery school to the early years of their tertiary education.

She vividly remembered a day when she called her father to discuss her school expenses. To her surprise, he responded by disowning her over the phone, playing the ‘Who’s your father’ card.

Initially, Hilda thought her father was joking, but soon realized he was serious when he stopped financing her and even cut off her upkeep allowance.

Reflecting on the situation, Hilda said, “One of the biggest issues for me was when he abandoned me. It wasn’t immediate; I felt he was there for us to some extent. But it hit me hard when my parents had problems, especially because I was in my second semester of my third year at university

“I distinctly remember a conversation between me and my father on my matriculation day. I asked him why he didn’t bring food for me, and he responded with, ‘Who’s your dad?’ It took me years to realize that he wasn’t joking

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