Most “A list” Musicians don’t want you to be at the same level as they are – Spyro

Nigerian musician Spyro talks on the prevailing trend currently common within the Nigerian music sphere.

In an Instagram post, the singer sheds light on the behavior of top A-list artists who deliberately keeps out other artists from reaching the same level of success in the music scene as they are.

The singer who has been in good form musically shared his displeasure on his social media page. This post as generated lots of side talks from Netizens

Read what the singer posted ;

“It’s been about a year on top and one major thing I have realised is that majority of the people at the top dont want the ones below to join them and let me shock you,most of them hate it when you break free to move up so they fight you even when you get there but I have come to declare to someone today .. AS GOD LIVES ,YOU WILL MOVE UP AND STAY UP THIS YEAR A but you sef fight o ,NO GREE FOR ANYBODY WEY NO GREE FOR YOU.”

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