Mohbad’s father wanted to bury him the Night he died – Head of Landlords in Ikorodu

The late musician Mohbad’s father planned to bury him at midnight on the day of his passing, according to the head of landlords in Lagos’ Ikorodu neighborhood.
In a video that is making rounds on social media, the elderly man describes what happened on the day that the 27-year-old passed away mysteriously.

That evening, according to him, Mohbad’s father got in touch with him to lend him shovels and other tools for excavating his tomb. He asserted, nonetheless, that he forbade them from burying the musician at night.

The following day, September 13, Mohbad was ultimately laid to rest.

This information was revealed in the midst of debate over the singer’s passing and why, despite not being a Muslim, he was buried so soon.

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