Korra Obidi blasts fans who reacted angrily to her vacation trip to Hawaii with $50,000 donated for legal fee

Nigerian-American singer and dancer Korra Obidi blasts fans, donors, and Nigerians who have reacted angrily to her alleged vacation trip to Hawaii with over $50,000 (76 million naira) raised through a GoFundMe campaign to enable her to get a good lawyer to fight her ex-husband over custody of her kids.

Recall that it all stated when her husband got a court order restricting their two kids from featuring on Obidi’s online contents. Watch the video of her ex-husband talking about this.

As a sequel to this, Korra Obidi made a video post, as seen above, saying, “As a mother, it’s time to fight for myself and my kids,” seeking the assistance of her fans and friends to get a good lawyer so as to be able to obtain custody of their kids. She created a GoFundMe account and was able to generate $50,000 from over 950 donors all over the world.

Lastly, in a recent video, she came out to blast Nigerians who slammed her over her vacation trip to Hawaii using funds raised from GoFundMe, saying, “Should she end her life because of GoFundMe? that she had booked the trip long before the GoFundMe. Nigerians rest and drink water; jealousy kills…”

Watch the full video below:

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