Just state “you make more money than your husband”, Peggy Ovire blows hot on Kiekie

The popular comedian Kiekie has come under fire from Nollywood actress Peggy Ovire for saying that she and her husband split the cost of their rent and other expenses.

In a recent interview with media personality Toke Makinwa, Kiekie made a statement that caused a significant online uproar.

She had said she would not feel at ease staying in a home without making a contribution toward the rent. She also advised women to split the cost of rent with their husbands because doing so would increase their respect for her.

The mother of one further explained that by splitting the cost of the rent, they would be able to own the home equally and, in the event of a dispute, they would be able to divide the spoils equally.

She added that it is acceptable for a woman to not contribute if she cannot afford to, but that if she can, she should consider sharing the financial load with her spouse.

Peggy, who recently weded her colleague, actor Frederick Leonard, apparently found this offensive and criticized Kiekie for her remarks.

In a session of tweet Peggy bemoans saying that the reason Kiekie made this comment is because she earn more than her husband

Peggy continued by saying that, aside from in dire circumstances, her husband would never permit her to share household expenses or help pay the rent.

She wrote; “Just say you earn more than your husband, Kikie, then bill sharing is a Must. It is my husband’s responsibility to pay the bills especially since he can afford it, mine is to take care of the home & be there for Emergency cases. My man won’t even let me pay jack”.

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