Jude still struggles to meet me face to face. – Rapper Cynthia Morgan discusses her relationship with her former record label

Cynthia Morgan, took her Instagram post to relinquish her past relationship with her previous record company, Northside Music.

Cynthia, who was formerly signed to Jude Okoye’s record label, emphasized the allegedly bad relationship she had there.

Following the passing of singer Mohbad, 27 years old, Cynthia shared her experience on her Instagram page and said that Jude Okoye is still unable to look at her, eye to eye.

She claims that they have spread numerous lies about her over the years and tried to resolve the issue in a meeting last year, but he postponed it because he was too terrified to speak to her.

She penned,

Jude still cannot look me directly in the eyes.
Everywhere you look, there are awful people. You must also be harsh. And just remember that if people aren’t afraid of you, they won’t ever lie to you.

They claimed to have given me a house, a car, and allowances. They even claimed that I had never made any returns for the label.
This is the extent to which people will go to hide their asses. They claimed I was ungreatful and a liar. I’m not sure if the claims that I was doing drugs also came from them, but nonetheless, I overheard a lot of things that, even off camera, broke my heart. They made me lose hope in humanity. add the lunatic who believes himself to be a royal.
Last year, a meeting was scheduled, but when I arrived at his gate, he had changed his mind. Coward

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