Investigation finds Sam Larry and Nairamarley innocent as they would likely be realesed very soon – Very Dark Man

Popular content creator, Verydarkman made a surprising revelation about the police investigation into the sudden death of singer Mohbad Naira. According to Verydarkman, the investigation has nothing to do with Naira Marley and Sam Larry, who were initially charged and arrested by the police due to public demand for justice.

Verydarkman publicly suggested that Mohbad’s wife had withheld important information, but after a thorough police investigation, he found Naira Marley and Sam Larry innocent. Verydarkman expressed his displeasure at the stars taking advantage of the situation and summoning the spirit of Mohbad to torment them.

Furthermore, Verydarkman mentioned that Mohbad’s wife did not answer certain questions that she should have. Mohbad’s closest domestic partner revealed that both he and his wife pleaded guilty to drug charges, which could be relevant to the case. She also described Mohbad as highly motivated but confused during their son’s naming ceremony, where he tried to intimidate everyone present.

Additionally, Verydarkman admitted that Mohbad’s father shared his thoughts on Mohbad throwing his son Liam into the river.

In light of these developments, Verydarkman announced that Naira Marley and Sam Larry will be released soon. To learn more, watch the video below.

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