Internet users digs up a cryptic video of Sam Larry

Several hours before the popular artist Mohbad passed away, social media users discovered a video that Lagos socialite Sam Larry allegedly published on his Instagram profile before quickly deleting.

Remember that Sam Larry has been named as a suspect in the musician’s untimely death after numerous footage of him abusing and assaulting the artist appeared online after his passing. ICYMI, check this out

In a recent development, it was discovered that Sam Larry, a close friend of Mohbad’s estranged record label owner Naira Marley, posted a mysterious video on his Instagram page in which he appeared to condone murder.

He apparently removed the video quickly after that, though. Though it’s unclear what he was referring to, there have been rumors that he could have wanted to transmit the video to a certain recipient secretly but unintentionally released it with the public.

Sam Larry has not yet responded to the rumors that are swirling. He also deleted his Instagram account shortly after being criticized for supposedly making the late singer’s life miserable.

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