If your son belongs to Mohbad I would gift you 10million Naira- Business man to Mohbad’s wife

In light of the increasing need for a DNA test to establish the paternity of her son, Liam, a Nigerian businessman by the name of Larry Omodia has generously offered the widow a sum of 10million if she can prove the real father of her child

Following the singer’s untimely death on September 12, his longtime companion Wunmi came forward to say that they were married and had a child.

However, due to the unsolved nature of his death, some online users, lead by Very Black Man, have sought a DNA test on the son to dispel any theories that his wife was responsible for his passing.

This did not sit well with Mohbad’s sister-in-law, who vowed to sue Very Black Man for ordering the DNA test for N300,000,000.

Larry, the CEO of African Television, has offered to sponsor the DNA test and has also pledged to give Wunmi N10 million if Mohbad is identified as the biological father of her son in reaction to the online argument.

Watch videos of his claims

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