I regretted the day I tattooed your face on my body – Mandy kiss

Mandy Ayomiposi Oluwada, a social media influencer who is populaly known for her sexual advocacy and Trash talkings, has publicly expressed her sorrow and disbelief on associate Nairamarley, she also talked about how she regretted having a tattoo of the pop star

You may remember that Mandy, who publicly referred to herself as the “president of Olosho,” attracted social media attention in 2021 when she had a tattoo of the singer’s visage on her thigh.

Following that, she gained notoriety on social media, particularly for her content that stirred controversy and praised running while also claiming to be one.

But a few months ago, when she revealed that she had discovered God and was leaving her previous life, she shocked her fans and supporters.

She apologized to the young women she had misled with her material in one of her social media postings proclaiming her decision to rebrand and become a better version of herself, as well as assuring them that it is possible to be successful without indulging in such activities.

Mandy has made the decision to get the well-known tattoo of Naira Marley removed from her leg as part of what is thought to be her spiritual recovery process.

She uploaded a video of herself in a tattoo shop replacing Naira’s face tattoo with a large flower.

After the Marlian Label scandal and Mohbad’s death, Mandy expressed her joy at getting the tattoo removed and said that day was the happiest of her life.

Taking to her Instagram story, she wrote,

“I regretted d day I tattooed ur face on my laps NairaMarley!
You’re a big mess

Best day of my life is June 30!
D day I erased ur face”

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