I only know how to drag people – Very Dark Man

Controversial commentator, Martin Victor Otse, also known as Verydarkblackman, recently admitted on a show that he is only skilled at criticizing and insulting others. He shared that his friend convinced him to attend an event in Jos, but he was unprepared when asked to give an impromptu speech.

In a video, he can be seen apologizing to the audience for stuttering and confessing, “I only know how to criticize skincare vendors. I’m sorry, I’m not used to this. I apologize to Blessing CEO and others who I insulted.”

It should be noted that Verydarkblackman recently criticized Blessing CEO for using tattoos to cover her surgery marks and not compensating the tattoo artist for their work.

He also mentioned that the event’s host falsely claimed they had invited him to Jos.

Watch video below

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