I have always regretted the fact that my mother was famous – Mayorkun

In an an interview with Taymesan, singer Mayorkun gave an interesting statement about his up bringing and how he coped with life knowing too well that his mother was a well famous Nollywood actress.

In his statement he despised the fact that she is famous as he never wanted to live his life under some level of preferential treatment from any one, in the interview he relinquished how he never told anyone, even his classmates that is mother was the famous Toyin Adewale

In his words

During my upbringing, my brother and I were not fond of the fact that our mother was a renowned actress. We yearned for independence, but unfortunately, her fame brought along insincere admiration and superficial attention.

The feeling of being treated unequally solely because I am the son of Toyin Adewale was something I despised. It was disheartening to witness people’s behavior towards me change not because they genuinely liked me, but because of my mother’s identity.

To maintain a sense of anonymity, I deliberately kept my mother’s fame a secret throughout my four years in university.

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