I had to take a step back to properly improve on my craft – Fireboy

Fireboy DML one of Nigeria’s finest top act as taking time out to speak up on certain interesting key issues about his music and his personal life. In the interview the artist spoke on how he managed to blend everything in the mix and how he made sure sure he had a descent 2023 .Fireboy who had an interesting run off success within 2021-2022 with his hit single, “PERU” as taking time up to re-evaluate things and re-adjust in certain aspect of life

In his words the singer stated

This year is one of those years when artists need to evolve and take a break from all the chaos. 2023 has been a year filled with valuable lessons and personal development for me, both as an individual and as a creative. I am truly thankful for this journey. This year has taught me the importance of acknowledging my humanity beyond being an artist. I have come to realize that I have a real life with genuine challenges, just like everyone else. It has been a year of deep appreciation for all these aspects of my existence.

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