I don’t pray before I take roles that involves me entering a coffin – Actor Kanayo.O.Kanayo

Legendary actor Kanyo O Kanyo reveals a simple life hack he as been abiding to for years now. The actor speaks on how he plays role that involves him been placed in a coffin, he discloses this in an interview

He said “I was on a set three weeks ago with a woman and she was asked to go into a coffin and before she went into the coffin, she went ‘In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit’ I said ‘don’t do that, you are mocking God. This is a job that puts food on your table. God has asked you to go and deliver his people through this so why are you praying?’”“The apostles of Jesus or disciples as you call them. Luke was a medical doctor, and the other person was a tax collector so they were from different fields, so this is what people do for a living. That is why filmmaking is called make-believe. It makes people believe you are a ritualist, you are an occultist, you are a Reverend Father, you are this. The role I play has nothing to do with me as KOK. I don’t go to church every Sunday but I know myself.“My role is what puts food on my table. when you call me Nna Anyi sacrifice, it brings traction to my name. I don’t shy away from the name, the name pays my bills, and the name signs cheques for me.”

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