“Happy Birthday to The Love of My Life” – Spyro celebrates mother’s birthday

Spyro recently celebrated his mother’s birthday and took to Instagram to express his love for her. He referred to her as the most beautiful woman he knows and shared how her adversity inspired him to strive for success. Despite others questioning his music career, Spyro’s mother stuck by him and provided unwavering support. Witnessing her struggle to provide for their family despite her sacrifices had a profound impact on him, leading him to turn to prayer and work towards giving her the best life possible.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, the only fine girl that I know … seeing you live a substandard life even after all your investment in us broke my heart, I turned to GOD and prayed my heart out as I just want to give you the best of life and I will forever serve him for answering …

When everyone turned their backs on me, you stood your ground for me … You supported me when I chose to do music even tho you were not sure about it … Pls guys help me say a big prayer for my mum today. momma jaye lo, you can have whatever you like,” he wrote.

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