From master of math to mister right: How a tweet about mathematics led to a love story

Based on his recent tweets, it happened that Bobola J. Adeparusi met his wife on social media after responding to a tweet from Yabaleft Online which states “What subject can you write successfully without studying?”. He then responded by tweeting “It will still be Mathematics. If I no sabi a question initially, I go still find my way but I won’t be stranded. Never!”.

He got to meet Ajokeade the lady he is married to after she reacted to his tweet saying, “Come and marry me please so you can help our kids with their math homework” she tweeted about needing someone to help her kids with math homework🥴”. Bobola who wasn’t expecting this tweet responded saying “This shot met me well” afte which Ajokeade laughed.

That’s not all. The next day, he entered her DM, sending just a running emoji, to which she responded, “keep running.”. He then sent laughing emoji and sent a funny message which said, “Naso, I ran enter Lagos last night”. This cracked Ajokeade up, and she responded with “ehen ehn, happy running o” and laugh emojis. The rest is history, as this kicked off their love story and ended in marriage.

Lastly, Bobola announced his marriage to Ajokeade in a recent tweet he made on Twitter X app, saying, “You called, I answered 😀✅

This was how I met my wife on this app🥳🥳” with attached screenshot of our they met and videos of their wedding ceremony. He further tweeted, “Make I copy Instablog style

Rizz-less guy enters a beautiful woman’s DM with running emoji,” with more photo evidence and videos.

Their love story is a testament to the power of social media to bring people together in unexpected ways. It attest to the fact that love can be found in the strangest if places.

See the tweets below:

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