Friends who used to mock me over my skit now works for me – Mark Angel

In a recent interview with Teju Babyface, Mark Angel recounted an incident where a friend who was employed by Shell Nigeria insulted him during his early days as a struggling skit creator. This friend questioned whether skits were a viable means for Mark Angel to support his family.

According to Mark Angel, he started creating skits in 2013 but only gained significant recognition in 2015. However, he admitted that it wasn’t until the subsequent year that he experienced a financial breakthrough.

Mark said, “I started skit-making in 2013 but hit the spotlight in 2015. In 2015, people started to know about me. I think my breakthrough was in 2016. That was when I decided to do comedy full-time.

“I was doing photography and videography part-time before then. So, I just decided to let that go. It took three years before I blew up in the skit-making business. There were so many times when I was discouraged. But the vision and belief I had were stronger than the discouragement.

“At a point, I started doubting myself because of what people were telling me. I had a friend called Alloy who nearly discouraged me from this life of skit-making.

“One day, I was coming back home from the location with my laptop and camera, and Alloy, who was working with Shell Nigeria then stopped me to say, ‘Mark, you intend to provide for your family with skits? Really? This ‘foolishness’ is your plan to take care of your family? Just wandering and trekking aimlessly with the laptop? At least, pay for a ride on a commercial motorcycle!’

“As at that time, I was investing every money I was making into my craft. Because at that time, the only way you could get ahead was to pay bloggers. I even put one of the bloggers on monthly payment. I paid the blogger N30,000 every month to promote my skits.

“Alloy who was discouraging me back then, now works for my construction company. He works for me now. So every time, I teased him about how he was mocking me during my days as a struggling skit maker.”

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