Drake and The Weeknd’s AI-generated song has been submitted for Grammy consideration.

AI-generated Drake & The Weeknd song ‘Heart On My Sleeve’ has been submitted for Grammy consideration
The most recent technological advancement, artificial intelligence, has made its way into a variety of fields, including the entertainment industry, where it has been utilized to emulate the vocal styles of various musicians.

The AI-generated song “Heart On My Sleeve” by Canadian megastars Drake and The Weeknd has been submitted for The Grammys, which is another intriguing development at the junction of AI and music.

This information was made public on Tuesday, July 7, 2023. This announcement has rekindled the debate about the usage of AI in music.

For consideration in the categories of best rap song and song of the year was the song that imitates the voices of platinum-selling musicians. Notably, the songwriter of a track, not the performer, receives recognition in both categories.

According to Harvey Mason Jr., CEO of the Recording Academy, who spoke to The New York Times, the song is “absolutely eligible because it was written by a human.”
Before using AI to imitate Drake and The Weeknd’s voices to create the song that became popular, the ghostwriter wrote the words.

Listen to the song below:

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