Don’t compare me to Hushpuppi – Yemo lee

Yhemo Lee has publicly appealed to Nigerians to refrain from drawing any comparisons between himself and Hushpuppi. It is a common occurrence for celebrities and influencers to be pitted against one another, and Yhemo Lee has recently found himself at the center of such comparisons.

Following a viral video showcasing Yhemo Lee generously distributing large sums of money to individuals, he received widespread praise and attention on social media. However, some individuals took it upon themselves to draw parallels between him and other well-known figures.

One such figure mentioned was the notorious Hushpuppi. Yhemo Lee wasted no time in issuing a clear message to those engaging in these comparisons, imploring them not to associate him with Hushpuppi and to refrain from causing him any trouble.

Hushpuppi is widely recognized for his extravagant lifestyle and involvement in fraudulent activities. He gained significant notoriety for amassing great wealth through illicit means, amassing a considerable following before his eventual downfall.

Certain netizens even went so far as to declare Yhemo Lee as being wealthier than Hushpuppi. In response, Yhemo Lee took to his Twitter account to express his concerns and make a heartfelt plea for understanding.

Reacting to the tweet he said

” Abeg make una stop to Dev compare me with Hushpuppi Abeg. Na so una Dey let person quick @e.. Shey from this my beer parlor work na him una Dey take talk this one. Na beg I Dey beg una do. Make una no put me for trouble at this small age”

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