Darey Art Alade visits the grave of late Freind, Sound sultan

In a recent video posted by the ravishing song writer Darey-art- alade it shows him paying his respect to his late Freind and colleague Sound sultan

In the video posted on Instagram, Darey can be seen putting flowers at the cemetery and crying while doing so.

He expressed regret for not having the opportunity to express his respects sooner and acknowledged the impact Sound Sultan’s absence had on their lives.

Despite the challenges faced following Sound Sultan’s passing, Dare expressed thankfulness and worshipped God.

In a heartfelt message that was included with the video, Darey stated,

Lanre, since your sudden departure, I’ve only just been able to visit your gravesite. Ma binu. You know how these things go. Farida and the kids miss you much. We all do in our own various ways.”

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