Burnaboy is richer than Davido – Abu salami

Abu Salami, a businessman, continues to criticize Davido by drawing a comparison between the musician and his associate, Burna Boy. Abu Salami questioned Davido’s income and stated that Burna Boy’s wealth is beyond comparison. He further revealed that he personally witnessed Burna Boy generously giving N15 million to a man in need.

Abu Salami then proceeded to explain that there is a high possibility that the artist does not possess the financial means to repay him. He proudly boasted about his victory over Davido and expressed his lack of faith in the legal system when questioned about his actions that may have violated the law. Abu Salami confidently stated that he goes to bed with a smile, fully aware that he has permanently tarnished the singer’s reputation and caused chaos within his public relations team.

Abu Salami said: “Burna Boy and Davido’s money can’t be compared. How much is Davido really making? I was present when Burna Boy transferred N15 million to a man who was in need of help”.

To have been to Burna Boy’s house, to have chilled with Burna Boy, and that same day. I saw Burna Boy transfer 15 million to a guy because the guy was in some kind of situation.”


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