Burna boy takes weed more than anybody I know – Ed Sheeran

In a recent interview on the “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend podcast,” British rock artist Ed Sheeran talked about his experience working with Burna Boy, who he refers to as the “self-proclaimed African Giant.” Sheeran was surprised by how much Burna Boy smokes, saying it was the most he’s ever seen anyone consume weed. Sheeran recalled walking into the studio and being overwhelmed by the amount of smoke in the air. He described the experience as feeling a bit disoriented.

The ‘Shape Of You’ singer recalled walking into the studio and being completely puzzled by the air pollution generated by Burna Boy’s smoking.

Ed Sheeran said; “There’s an artiste that I work quite a lot with called Burna Boy. I would say he is… That’s the most I’ve seen anyone ingest weed.

“He came to the studio and I had a gig late on in the night. And it was very much chilled there, the door was closed. It was just smokes, smokes, smokes… And I remember walking in there to get a thing. It felt like I was not quite there [laughs].”

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