Blessing CEO drags verydarkman for packing his clothes in a “Ghana must go”

The ongoing feud between Blessing CEO and VeryDarkMan has taken a new twist. Recently, Blessing CEO criticized VeryDarkMan on social media for using a seemingly cheap bag called Ghana-Must Go to pack his clothes while staying at a hotel. This happened shortly after VeryDarkMan had a disagreement with skit-maker Carter Efe over comments made about him. The clash between Blessing CEO and VeryDarkMan has been happening for weeks and it seems like it’s not going to end anytime soon.

In her post, Blessing CEO mentioned the hotel room and apartment where VeryDarkMan had been staying and pointed out his Ghana-Must Go bag. She thought it was too basic for the occasion and questioned why he didn’t choose a more expensive and sophisticated-looking bag for his belongings.

Na Ghana must go him carry go


Laugh one kee me

Obo buy him box pls

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