Blessing CEO calls out Davido over unpaid balance

Davido has recently made headlines due to Blessing Okoro’s accusation that he owes a significant amount of money, specifically 4.5 million Naira, to an unidentified party. The situation unfolded when Blessing Okoro confronted Very Darkman, a well-known media personality known for his sometimes controversial opinions.

It is worth noting the ongoing internet feud between Very Darkman and Blessing Okoro, which has gained attention recently due to the intense verbal exchanges between the two individuals. However, things took an unexpected turn when Davido was spotted hosting Very Darkman at a hotel, with pictures suggesting a friendly interaction.

Seizing the opportunity, Blessing Okoro publicly criticized Davido for his alleged debt, holding nothing back. Her allegation revolves around the purchase of a white Venza car currently owned by Israel, Davido’s associate. According to Blessing Okoro, this car was bought on credit, and the outstanding debt of 4.5 million Naira has remained unpaid for an astonishing four years.

Blessing Okoro did not limit her remarks to financial matters. She also expressed her thoughts on what she perceives as Lagos’ society built on pretense and a “fake life” lifestyle. Despite Davido’s considerable wealth and fame, Blessing Okoro firmly believes that he should not evade his financial responsibilities.

Furthermore, she informed Davido that the individual who sold him the car is in dire need of the outstanding money. Even amidst the argument, Blessing Okoro concluded by wishing Davido, his new twins, and his family all the best. This dispute follows previous claims made by Abu Salam, who alleged that Davido owed him a staggering 218 million Naira.

As a result of the publicity surrounding Abu Salam’s accusations, more individuals have come forward, asserting that Davido owes them money as well. Musician Sam Clare has joined the growing chorus of people who have taken issue with Davido. However, Davido has not yet responded to these allegations.

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