At a time The President of the country used my song as his ringtone- Davido

Top afrobeat singer Davido, stated in an interview how a Nigerianbformer presidents found pleasure in his song. The singer openly discussed the challenges he faced with his father concerning his music career and how his father utilized his influence to hinder his progress. He asserted that his father initiated efforts to exclude him from events, causing show promoters to hesitate in booking him. However, his father has now become his greatest supporter as the president appreciates his music. Davido further mentioned that when one of his songs achieved the top position on the charts, the president not only enjoyed it but also set it as his ringtone.

“So at that time, I had a song that was like, it was like top 20 on the charts in Africa.

But then the next song I made went number one. Like the president of my country was rocking with it. The song was his ringtone”.

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